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Shivani Patel

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“I ordered my wedding outfit from BIBI London during lockdown for my wedding in Lisbon, Portugal. I had never been to the store before. Marni helped me and provided a seamless service. She was friendly and professional and gave me confidence in my order. My outfit arrived when expected, and Marni provided security that I would be able to alter my outfit again closer to the wedding date, so it will have the best fit. We ended up postponing out wedding a second time due to covid and Marni gave me assurance that I could come back to store just before my wedding and have my outfit fitted to me. This is exactly what happened, and the outfit fit like a glove. I held onto it for 6 months before the fitting. Marni guaranteed that the outfit would be fitted in time for my wedding which it was. The Indian shopping experience was like nothing I had ever encountered before. It felt luxurious and reliable.”

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